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Yachts Loan FAQ

How do I apply for a boat loan?

Applications are available online. If this is not convenient you may call our office and we will be more than happy to mail or fax you an application. Return the application with your most recent two years complete tax returns, a pay stub and verification of liquid assets. Once this documentation is received, credit decisions typically take 48 hours.

Will my information be secure?

Absolutely, your personal information will remain completely confidential and secure while in transit over the Internet.

How long will it take to process my application?

Once we have all of your financial information and documentation, it will take up to 48 hours to decision your application.

How long is my approval good for?

The typical approval is good for 30 days, however, if needed we can obtain an extension in most cases.

What are your interest rates?

We have many and varied rate programs with the Yacht loan brokers we work with. Your rate will be determined by several factors including: loan amount, down payment, type, age and value of vessel and geographic area. We have access to the lowest rate available. Call your Neff Yacht Sales Yacht Broker for info.

How much of a down payment is required?

Most boat loans will require a twenty percent down payment. We do offer other programs requiring only a ten to fifteen percent down payment depending on how much you are financing.

How will we handle closing on my boat loan?

Settlements can be handled in several different ways to be tailored to your personal situation. We can overnight documents, travel to your dealership, or have you meet in our office.

Do you do private party boat loans?

Yes, we do many private party deals. Funds will be disbursed to your seller once we have original signed documents in our office or at the time of settlement if meeting both parties in person.

Can I be pre-approved?

Yes! We do ask that when you submit the application you write in a type of boat you are interested in, how much you expect to pay for it and what you will put down on the boat so that we can give the bank a general idea. Once you have found your dreamboat, simply fax a copy of the purchase agreement and we will get an approval to you with the updated information.

What kind of boats do you finance?

Our sources for boat loans specialize in the financing of sail and powerboats twenty years or newer, used for recreational purposes. We do however have sources that will finance houseboats, part time charters, high performance and older boats.

Do you do refinancing of current boat loans?

Yes we can refinance the current balance of an existing boat loan as long as it is above $25,000.00.

Can I get cash out on my current boat loan?

Unfortunately we do not have a source that will lend on the equity of your boat.

What is the advantage of financing my boat?

Financing your boat will allow you to continue to have your liquid assets free for other purchases or emergencies. Also depending on your particular circumstances, the interest you pay yearly on your boat loan may be tax deductible.

What is Coast Guard documentation?

Coast Guard Documentation is the process used to register your boat with the United States Coast Guard. This allows them to file a mortgage on your vessel giving the bank a more secure lien on a federal level. It also benefits the consumer by providing a more secure form of ownership and allowing travel into more US and International Waters.

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