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How do I know what kind of yacht to buy?

December 7th, 2021

How do I know what kind of boat to buy?

What kind of boat should I buy? We get asked this question a lot from first time boat buyers. The answer really depends on what it is that you're looking to do with the boat. Here we'll discuss the different basic types of boats and yachts that are available for sale.

1. Fishing Boats.

Flybridge fishing boats - If you're looking to do extended deep water fishing trips you pretty much want to look at a flybridge sportfish yacht for sale. The extra height of the upper helm helps you to see the fish better from further away. The configuration gives you more interior space which means more room for living quarters. Several of the top brands include Bertram yachts, Viking yachts and Hatteras Yachts. They'll all have an ample cockpit with all of the space you'll need to fish as well as powerful diesel engines to get you out to where the fish are fast. The will range in size from the low 40's to 90' and above.

Express fishing boats – If you're looking to do some serious off shore fishing but for only a few days at a time or you're looking for a slightly faster cruise speed then you should look at an express fishing boat. These will be very similar to the flybridge boats but you'll have the helm on the same deck as the cockpit. The tradeoffs will be that you'll have less interior space but some people are willing to sacrifice a little room for the extra speed. They can still be equipped with a tower if you want to reclaim the ability to see from higher above the water line. Some of the best names in the business are Cabo yachts, Buddy Davis yachts, Luhrs yachts, Tiara yachts and Viking yachts.

2. Center Console boats

Center console boats have exploded in popularity in the last few years. They're basically a hull, helm, head and a couple of outboard gas engines. Some will have small cabins in the bow or under the console. They're fast, relatively simple, efficient, reliable and very easy for a single boater to take out, run and dock. They run up in size to 47' and some brands are even coming out with 50' plus versions. If you're looking to use one for some serious fishing, you'll want one with a narrower beam for more speed. These brands would include Jupiter boats, Sea Hunter boats, Contender boats, Sea Vee boats, Yellowfin boats and more. If you're looking to do some fishing but more cruising, we'd recommend looking at Intrepid powerboats, Hydra-Sports, Boston Whaler boats, Deep Impact plus many more. Call your Neff Yacht Sales Yacht Broker today for more help determining which brand might be best for you and your family.

3. Express Boats, Express Yachts, Express cruisers

Express boats are basically defined by having an open cockpit area, helm on the same level and a salon, entertaining area and staterooms below. They come from around 20' up to an almost unlimited size. They're great for cruising and entertaining with the person running the boat on the same level so they get to be a part of all the action. Visibility as not as good as it is on a flybridge boat but they tend to be a bit faster which is sometimes a priority. The standard express boat is the Sea Ray Sundancer. There are also much nicer European brands such as Sunseeker, Fairline, Azimut and Riva. There are many other brands that deliver excellent value and a great boat such as Regal, Chaparral, Formula, Atlantis and many more. You'll be able to find all of these for sale on .

4. Flybridge Yachts, Motoryachts

These are what you want if you're interested in cruising with the family. They offer the most interior space for longer trips. They're not the fastest yachts on the water but when you're setting off for a few weeks in the Islands you'll appreciate having all of the extra storage available. You'll get more salon space since the helm will be on a level above. They also offer excellent visibility since you're higher off the water and will typically come with at least a bow and stern thruster, if not IPS drives. Call your Neff Yacht Sales Yacht Broker for more information. Popular brands include Sea Ray, Marquis, Azimut, Ferretti, Carver, Silverton, Hatteras and many, many more. Speak with your Neff Yacht Sales broker today who will be able to help you determine which specific brands could be a good fit for you.

5. Usage specific types.

There are plenty of other specialized types of yachts out there as well. Expedition and Explorer yachts are available if you're interested in trekking into the great unknown with harsher climates. Some are available with ice classed hulls, allowing you to go places unprotected yachts can't go. Trawlers are built to be very economical if you're interested in doing some very extended or indefinite length round the loop or round the World cruising. High Power speed boats if you're looking for nothing other than doing speed runs. Mega yachts and super yachts for sale are out there if you're looking for the biggest and the best available. Sailboats, Catamarans and more are available for sale.

Hopefully this article helps you determine which type of yacht for sale that you're interested in. For more information contact a licensed, professional Neff Yacht Sales Yacht Broker today at 954-530-3348 or through to help you narrow down exactly which yacht is the right one for you to buy.

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